Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gettin' It Rolling

So, I've finally decided to dip my toe into the bloggy waters and see what it's like out there. I'm excited to reach out to so many of you whose blogs I've rudely been lurking on for months without commenting. My gosh there are a lot of TALENTED women out there!!

I'm also looking forward to sharing a few of the parties that I have had the pleasure of styling and staging recently as well as the inspiration and how-to tips behind them. I love hearing about the spark that started the idea for people whether it was a mishap, a found object or even another party. So, I'll get the ball rolling by sharing a few of my points of inspiration in the weeks to come and hopefully you'll join along and share a few of yours too!

Below are a few pics from some of the parties I'll be talking about in the near future...

Dashell's Race Car Party

Emily's Woodland Fairy Party

So, come back soon and we can talk color choices and edible toadstools and why not to try to make cake pops for the first the night before a party!  Sound like fun?!


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