Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Was Love At First Sight... Tempaper

Have you seen this before??! It's Tempaper.

Temporary wallpaper!! How unbelievably cool is that?!

How great would it be to use it as a backdrop for a dessert table?!

And as if the original pre-printed designs weren't great enough, they have now come out with a new product which is a blank canvas that you can draw or paint on! Be still my beating heart!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vintage Carnival Inspiration Shoot

The talented people at EC Photography contacted me recently to see if they could use our Aqua and Red Carnival/Circus Printables for a Vintage Carnival Party Inspiration Shoot. They just posted the photos today and I ADORE all the fun ways they came up with to use our Table Labels!!

Be sure to pop over to the EC Photography blog to check out more fun pics and party ideas from the shoot!! 

(I had to include this because I am in LOVE with the Poof Skirt and the Bow Tie Shirt!!)

Our Carnival/Circus Collection is available in the shop!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Goin' AWOL... (just for a little, tiny bit)

I'm going to be honest... I am crazy busy and I would love, love, love to post this week but I can't seem to dig my way out to put something fun together. So, here's a little somethin' to hold you for a few days... a tiny sneak peek of the Pirates and Fairies Party I'm styling this weekend.

 Now I'm off to walk the plank. Arrrg!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ramblings on Simplicity and Flowers

I'm typically of a more is more girl when I'm designing. Love a nice mix of patterns. I have no qualms about diving head first into a party that is decorated with stripes and dots AND plaid! I decorated my house not to long after an inspiring trip to Monet's home in Giverny. Soaking in his use of pattern on pattern was a mind alternating experience for me.

But lately I have to admit that I am finding something so beautiful and soothing in subtly and simplicity. Last month Kara posted this lovely birthday party...

I love that your eye knows exactly where to go and can easily absorb and savor every detail. And this got me thinking about... flowers. How elegant a single stem in a vase or jar can be.

(via favim)

(via flicker)

 And although these are not single stems, I have become slightly obsessed with how gorgeous these blooms in apothecary jars look... (it's as through the owner is trying to capture their beauty.)

Which leads me to this...

I'll be the first to admit that there is a lot going on here. A lot of texture. A lovely bit of organized choas. But I love the flowers in the bottles suspended above the table and that your eye gently ping pongs back and forth from the flowers over head to the beautiful rustic arrangement on the table.

 I guess I can never stray too far from my more is more roots!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{GWD Parties} Jack's Little Squirt Party!

For Jack's first birthday, I was asked to put together something that didn't feel too old, or too typical but still had a nautical flavor. I chose to use various shades of blue and aqua and then give it all an unexpected modern twist by introducing bold shots of chartreuse. Given the fact that Jack, at the ripe old age of 1, was still a little guy, and sometimes was referred to as a Little Squirt, we decided to tie that nickname to the image of a whale and use that as the icon for the party. 

It was incorporated into all of the party items (available in my shop) from the invitation all the way to the favor tags.

For the older kids we created box lunches with jelly(fish) and cream cheese sandwiches cut to look like starfish, goldfish crackers, (sea) cucumbers, and carrots cut to look like sea anemones. The lunches were packed into take out boxes and labeled as "fish food". 

The dessert table was created on a budget. Popcorn, cupcakes, cotton candy, meringues and cookies were all purchased from a local grocery store for under $40!

During the party, all of the kids were given a Lil' Squirt of their own to play with. (There seems be nothing kids like better than to drench things with squirt bottle. It truly keeps them occupied for wonderfully long periods of time!) 

And when the party was over, everyone left with a pail full of favors so that they would be fully equipped for their next "nautical" adventure!

Friday, May 6, 2011

{Give Away} Free Printable Mother's Day Gift Tags and Cards

Happy Mother's Day to every one of you who work hard to be the best parent, friend, partner, buddy to laugh with, shoulder to cry on, sounding board, ambassador of culture, minister of fun and all around organizer of life as your family knows it! I hope that each and every one of you enjoys a fabulous day where you are lavished with all the compliments, love and attention that I know you so richly deserve!

I realize that Mother's Day is a day for all of those we dote on all year along to just say thanks (and of course for us to thank our own fabulous mothers) but I always like to take a few moments and just count my blessings. To revel in the fact that I actually have the opportunity to be a mother. I don't share a lot on this blog about my personal life but my children were hard won. Many disappointments and many rounds of IVF. With my youngest, we were only given a 1-2% chance of success. I savor every hug, every tear and even every tantrum. But sometimes, like a lot of us, I get wrapped up in life and work and it's always nice to have a day, a special day, to step back and just be grateful for the tremendous (rambunctious) gifts I've been given.

I hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day and are able to take a moment to truly revel in wonderfulness of your life as well!!

And just incase you are up to your eyeballs in the craziness of life, like I am, and haven't had a chance to pick up gift tags or cards, here is a free download just to help make your life a little less hectic. Enjoy!! And happy, HAPPY Mother's Day!!

Click on the image and download to your desktop.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

{Tips & Hints} Banner/Bunting Assembly Tutorial

I can't tell you how many times I have had people sheepishly email me asking how to assemble a banner. They always apologize for not being crafty and ask shyly if I will reveal to them the closely guarded secrets of assembling the perfect banner. And I will tell you what I say to them... never be afraid to ask. Once you have made a banner you know perfectly well how incredibly simple it is, but I clearly remember trying to figure out my very first banner and checking out lots of photos to look for tips on how others had put them together. A banner is not something most of us make everyday, so there is no reason the average person should automatically just "know" how to assemble it.

So, for all of you out there who have a banner looming in your future this tutorial is for you!

For this you will need the following...

- Printed Banner Panels
- Scissors or Xacto Knife
- Metal Ruler
- Cutting Mat
- Ribbon
- Hole Punch (optional)

1. Cut out your panels using a Xacto knife and ruler or scissors.

2. Using the Xacto knife create small slits in each upper corner of your panels. (Or use the punch to create holes.)

3. Once you have added holes/slits to all your panel pieces, there are two popular methods for attaching the banner panels together. 

The FIRST way, works well if you have used a hole punch on your panels.  Cut a few lengths of ribbon (about 6" long) and make a pretty knot to tie one panel to the next...

If you use this method, you can add a couple extra lengths of ribbon before tying your end knots to create an extra flourish...

The SECOND way works quite well if you have used an Xacto knife to create slits in your panels. Take a length of ribbon and weave it through the slits. Start by having the ribbon enter the hole on the left side of your first panel from the top side of the panel...

Pull the ribbon through the slit and bring it up through the hole on the other side of the panel...

Continue weaving the ribbon until all the panels are "stitched" together.

And there you have it... you are now part of the Super Secret Club of the Banner Makers!! Welcome! (and happy assembling!)