Thursday, May 5, 2011

{Tips & Hints} Banner/Bunting Assembly Tutorial

I can't tell you how many times I have had people sheepishly email me asking how to assemble a banner. They always apologize for not being crafty and ask shyly if I will reveal to them the closely guarded secrets of assembling the perfect banner. And I will tell you what I say to them... never be afraid to ask. Once you have made a banner you know perfectly well how incredibly simple it is, but I clearly remember trying to figure out my very first banner and checking out lots of photos to look for tips on how others had put them together. A banner is not something most of us make everyday, so there is no reason the average person should automatically just "know" how to assemble it.

So, for all of you out there who have a banner looming in your future this tutorial is for you!

For this you will need the following...

- Printed Banner Panels
- Scissors or Xacto Knife
- Metal Ruler
- Cutting Mat
- Ribbon
- Hole Punch (optional)

1. Cut out your panels using a Xacto knife and ruler or scissors.

2. Using the Xacto knife create small slits in each upper corner of your panels. (Or use the punch to create holes.)

3. Once you have added holes/slits to all your panel pieces, there are two popular methods for attaching the banner panels together. 

The FIRST way, works well if you have used a hole punch on your panels.  Cut a few lengths of ribbon (about 6" long) and make a pretty knot to tie one panel to the next...

If you use this method, you can add a couple extra lengths of ribbon before tying your end knots to create an extra flourish...

The SECOND way works quite well if you have used an Xacto knife to create slits in your panels. Take a length of ribbon and weave it through the slits. Start by having the ribbon enter the hole on the left side of your first panel from the top side of the panel...

Pull the ribbon through the slit and bring it up through the hole on the other side of the panel...

Continue weaving the ribbon until all the panels are "stitched" together.

And there you have it... you are now part of the Super Secret Club of the Banner Makers!! Welcome! (and happy assembling!)


  1. Great tutorial!
    I've even used small brads to hold my banners together.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial!

    Carmen L


    I have a question regarding the first method. Do you cut both color of ribbons the same length and weave them through the same way as the second method... I like the look of he first method alot more but I am confused on how to do the ribbon and tie them. THANK YOU

  4. Are you using scrapbooking paper for the panels? Did you make the letters on the computer?

  5. Thanks so much Gwynn! Your designs turned out beautifully- I can't wait for our friends to see the display at my daughter's 1st birthday party! Thanks also for all the hints and tips to help me asseemble everything. You are just wonderful to work with!

  6. Does it matter if the back side is white ???

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