Monday, November 22, 2010

{Inspiration} Elegant Woodland Tablescape

Happy Monday!! When I came across this GORGEOUS Woodland Tablescape over the weekend I knew I just had to share!! It feels so seasonal and is the perfect mix of feminine and masculine. I LOVE the blueish-green, red and white color palette. And these days, for some reason, there's nothing like some natural rustic elements and a little bit of plaid to set my heart a-fire!!


  1. goodness that is gorgeous!!! xoxo Malia

  2. Cheerful Monday!! At the point when I ran over this GORGEOUS Woodland Tablescape throughout the end of the week I realized I just needed to share!! It feels so occasional and is the ideal blend of ladylike and manly. I LOVE the pale blue green, red and white shading range. Furthermore, nowadays, for reasons unknown, there's nothing similar to some normal provincial components and a smidgen of plaid to set my heart a-fire!!

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