Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{Currently Crushing} Cookie Artists

I have to say just the thought of this post makes me giddy! 

I am crushing HARD on some of the AMAZING woman out there who are creating the most beautiful pieces of art.... on cookies! 

Their skill sets are insane. Not only are they unbelievably creative but they are truly artists and, man, do they know their way around a piping bag! 

I'll be honest, I rarely have the guts to eat their creations. 

They are just too darn beautiful! 

And, I often don't have the heart to platter them either because each one is such an exquisite piece of art. Consequently, I've been working them into my tablescapes standing up!

So the next time you are at a party or ordering up some cookies, take a moment and enjoy the time and artistry involved in creating the amazing (and delicious) creation you are about to pop in your mouth!!


  1. You've highlighted some of my all time fave cookie idols! and introduced me to a couple of new ones! Great post!

  2. What a beautiful bunch of cookies. I have a bit of a crush now too.