Friday, October 11, 2013

{Fun Freebies} Eek-O-Ween Halloween Printables!

I love Halloween because it has so many different personalities (just like so many fabulous women I know!) It can be dark and dramatic, a little creepy and scary (btw: not like the woman I know!)  or even bright and fun. This year I was in the mood for something light and "eek-y" (not dark and icky.)

Many of you might be like me, still trying to make my little ones costume dreams come true (even though they seem to change every-single-day!) And so if you are thinking about throwing a fun Halloween Party you don't need any added stress. You just need it to be simple and simply fun. So to help you out here are a few ideas and a few fun printables!

For this little soiree I paired a few standard party goodies (cupcakes, cake, and lollipops)... 

...with a few yummy new treats like Venom Smoothies (recipes coming soon)...

...and Spider Guts Parfaits (tutorial coming soon).

 Now I bet you are wondering... where are those Free Printables you mentioned earlier??

In this little collection you will get FOURTEEN PAGES of Eek-O-Ween fabulousness!

Just click here, download the PDF and party!

From everyone here at Gwynn Wasson Designs we hope you have a super Eek-y (absolutely not icky) Halloween!


  1. YAY! A new post! I love the freebies, thanks Gwynn for being so awesome!!!!

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