Monday, September 13, 2010

{Tips & Hints} How To Make A Forsythia Tree

Ready to make a stunning forsythia tree??! I hope so. When I came up with the idea to use forsythia as the centerpiece for the Woodland Fairy Party tablescape, I searched high and low for a forsythia tree or bush that was close to what I was envisioning and just couldn't find anything that I liked. So being the hard-headed crafty gal that I am I decided I would just make one!

I started with an artificial Manzanita tree from Sav-On Crafts...

Usually I'm the kind of girl that likes natural things whenever possible, but I decided to go artificial this time because I wanted to have the most flexibility in manipulating the branches. (But, you could absolutely use real manzanita if you wanted to.) I also purchased about 10 wired forsythia branches from Sav-On and some vine wrapped wire from Michael's.

Here are your supplies...
Forsythia branches, wire cutters, wrapped floral wire, manzanita

Once you have all your supplies, start by placing your forsythia branches in the branches of the manzanita...

...and continue to place them and fill out your tree until you have a pleasing shape, bending them while you go. I wanted mine to look like they were "weeping" so I gave them a gentle downward bend. 

Next take your wire and secure your forsythia branches to the tree branches.

As you finish securing each forsythia branch, use a pair of wire cutters and cut away any unnecessary parts of the forsythia branch.

Continue until all branches are secured and trimmed. And... VOILA! Forsythia tree!!


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