Thursday, October 28, 2010

{Real Parties} Leah's Halloween Printables Party

Leah of Doubly Blessed plus One had a fun toddler Halloween bash this past week and was kind enough to not only use our free Halloween printables, but also to share some of her pics...
It looks like Mummy Dogs are all the rage this year! I might have to make a batch for the party we have this weekend.
I LOVE this photo of her son, the dragon, slaying her husband, the knight!!

And although Leah bemoans that fact that they didn't get a good group shot at the party...

I have to say that it's a heck of a lot better than the ones we got at our toddler group party last year...

At least you could see who was at Leah's party. Ours was simply mass chaos!! And which one is my son you ask... Well, he's out of frame way, way over to the left "mowing" the lawn. He simply couldn't be bothered to try and pose for a picture. We'll see if this year is any different. Two year olds have to be more posable than one year olds, right??!!

Anywho.... Wonderful job on the party Leah!!! If you are interested in seeing more party pics or checking out the madcap world of life with multiples, please swing by Leah's lovely blog.


  1. God how I loved that picture from our Halloween party last year. Pure chaos! Lauren looks a little dazed from seeing Elmo in person!

  2. What an adorable family! The party looks fantastic- great job.