Friday, October 15, 2010

{Tips & Hints} Creepy Crawly Spider Tutorial

When I saw these spiders in my Better Homes and Gardens Special Halloween Issue a few months ago, I knew that I had to find a place for them in my Halloween spread! So cute!! Oh yeah, and... creepy! And the best part EASY!!

Things You Will Need...
- Candy Melts
- Ziplock Sandwich Bag
- Scissors
- Candy Truffles
- Wax Paper
- Decorating Icing

First line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Then melt your Candy Melts. I just use the microwave.
Next, spoon the melted candy into the sandwich bag and squeeze it down into one corner.
With a pair of scissors cut a small amount off the corner of the bag and begin piping the melted candy onto the wax paper in the shape of spider legs. Make sure you create some that have a short end on the left and some that have a short end on the right.

While the legs are hardening, create a circular dollop of melted candy on another wax papered cookie sheet.

In the center of the dollop, insert a chocolate truffle.

Gently lift the hardened legs off the wax paper and insert them into the still soft candy dollop.

If you have problems keeping the legs upright, wait for the dollop to harden and then dip the legs in the melted candy and adhere them to the dollop. 

Continue adding legs on each side of the chocolate truffle until your spider is complete.

Finally pipe on the eyes with a little decorating icing and there you have it... Creepy Crawly Spiders!!