Tuesday, October 26, 2010

{Tips & Hints} Eerie Edible Eyeball Tutorial

As Halloween draws closer, it only seems fitting to squeeze in this tutorial. (Just in case you are still trying to figure that one last treat to add to your spook-a-licious sweets table!) When I first saw these on Kim's blog Frost Me! (now Party Frosting) I just knew that they would be the perfect addition to my Eerily Elegant Halloween Table! (If you haven't checked out Party Frosting, you should. Immediately! I don't know how Kim does it, but she is an infinite source for all kinds of party inspiration.)

I have to admit when I clicked through for the tutorial, I wasn't quite sure if I was up for mixing up a batch of chocolate ganache. Maybe the more ambitious among you will tear into this delicious recipe with gusto, but I chose to take a little bit of a short cut. So.... here's my "slightly" adjusted version.

I went with the fabulous old stand by, Bakerella's cake ball recipe.  Size-wise I made them a little bigger than the recommended cake ball size. Instead I made them somewhere between the size of a ping pong ball and the size of a silver dollar.

Next you can coat these with white candy melts. Or if you are like me (candy melt challenged) and have issues making your candy coating smooth (I really need to read Bakerella's new book, I'm sure there's probably tip in there that could help me with this!) you can wrap them in fondant. 

First roll out your fondant and then choose a circular cookie cutter significantly larger than your cake ball.

Next gently push at the center of your fondant circle, to stretch it a bit, and then place your cake ball in the center and wrap  the fondant around it.

Pinch off the corners.

And roll the ball around in the palms of your hands to smooth it out.

Next take a little bit of your white fondant and add some green coloring and a little bit more and add some black coloring. Then roll out your green and then your black fondant. If you have little teeny tiny round fondant or cookie cutters, that's terrific. Unfortunately, I'm not so lucky. So at this point I went hunting around my kitchen for the right sized bottle caps to make the iris and the pupil for my eyeball. I lucked out and discovered that the cap for my vanilla was the perfect size for iris and the cap for some of my gel icing was a good fit for the pupil.

Brush a little water on the fondant surfaces to help different layers of the eye adhere to each other before you layer them on your eyeball. And there you have it.... Eerily Edible Eyeballs!!


  1. So fun! Thanks for the tutorial too! Kerri

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