Thursday, January 27, 2011

Points To Jump From

In the past week or so I have had the privilege to work with some fabulous women on invitations for their upcoming parties. When someone contacts me about custom work, the first thing I ask is for them to send me anything that they might have come across that they like. It could be piece of ribbon or a picture or sometimes it's just as general as, "I would like it to have pinecones in it."

When I first started working with Sabrina on her son's Little Bear party, she sent some fabulous photographs of the park to help me get a feel for the place where the party will be taking place. She wanted that feeling to come across in her invitation and party items.

Here is one of the photos...

And here is how the invitation turned out...

I also had the pleasure of working with Monique recently. She had requisitioned a piece of art that she wasn't completely happy with...

She wanted something a little more modern but still with a vintage feel. I came up with a couple options for her...

And last but not least,  I was thrilled to be contacted by Brittany to help with an invitation for her sister's Sweet Sixteen party. They sent me this lovely photo of Abigail and asked that I incorporate it into a 50's themed invitation...

And I worked with them to come up with this...

It was all so much fun!!! And I can't wait to hear how all the parties go. I'm sure they will all be fabulous with such lovely women at the helm!


  1. Gwynn, those are amazing!!! I love your work. I too try to get a feel for what people are looking for when designing custom invitations. It really doesn't feel like work when you are doing somthing you love. My favorite is the bear in the park.

  2. I love your invitations! I'm sure your customers are thrilled with the creativity! ;)

  3. Love the little bear one! Too cute!

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