Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{Projects} Big Boy Bedroom

We recently bought Dashell a big boy bed. We were a little worried about the transition, since we made the change just days before the baby was born. But that time we spent worrying was definitely wasted energy. Dashell LOVES it!!

Instead of transitioning through the toddler bed phase in a year or two, we decided to save a little money and go right to a twin size bed. I bought sheets and a duvet cover that I felt could grow up with him so we wouldn't have to pour more money into decorating again in a couple years. And I think it turned out pretty good. Here's a little peek...



As far as my progress on the nursery, well... I'm still working on that.

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  1. GW,
    You have such a fabulous talent for design! There is a dynamic and lively feeling I'm gifted with when I peek into Dashell's new "big boy bedroom" ...and it is not-at-all "obvious" how you have made this fit together. Somehow, however, you have courageously served up a compelling combination of plaid, stripes & paisley that doesn't stand a chance of becoming tired-looking. What is really clever, is how you've maintained sufficient subtlety that I can handily envision slipping off into a dreamy and restful sleep-adventure.

    This seems to stretch well-beyond brilliance ...and it truly inspires me. Your deft creativity and foresight have manifested a wondrous and inventive environment where broad diversity co-exists in harmonious concert...

    I have a sense that it will continue to elicit Dashell's tireless, imaginative enthusiasm.

    Bravo, Sis!