Monday, January 31, 2011

Unexpected Inspiration

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend. Thank you so much for the super nice compliments on the last two posts. I have to say, I turned bright red reading them. You gals are simply too sweet!!

Last week while I was at Huntington Gardens with the baby, I took a few pictures to share with you. The desert garden there is considered to be one of the top ten inspirational places for many internationally acclaimed designers, and it is not hard to see why...

The composition of the gardens is beautiful...

Many times, perfect choices were made to layer the plants so that a feeling of structure is offset by a beautiful chaos...

In some areas, low lying plants are juxtaposed against tall ones, to create an obvious focal point...

And in other areas, the interest lies in the beautiful formality of sameness and shape repetition...

There are interesting textures...

And amazing vibrant colors...

As well as gorgeous studies in limited palettes...

I know that we usually gather here to discuss the glory of the "party",  so what does all this have to do that? Well, there are many parallels. Beautiful composition and inspirational palettes transcend their native origin. Some of the most interesting table designs come from layering smaller objects with larger pieces. Tons of visual interested can be gained through object repetition, such as a beautiful sea of identical cookies or cupcakes or favors. And, of course, a gorgeous and unexpected palette pulls everyone in immediately. 

Inspiration is everywhere! Where do you find yours?


  1. Love it! I too had an "inspiration" post in my to do list. I love how you used cacti as examples, so different.

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