Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Cuteness

When I saw this bunting on Party Frosting last night I squeaked with delight!

Sooo cuuuuute!!! Right??!! I LOVE that it is anchored by two cupcakes! Genius!!

And there are a lot of other fabulous Valentine ideas both at Potter and Butler and at Party Frosting! (I know I've said it before, but I seriously don't know how Kim finds all the great inspiration that she posts. I swear she must have already maxed out the limit on her Google Reader!)

And have you seen this AMAZING Vintage Valentines tablescape from Kara at Kara's Party Ideas?!

Just gorgeous!!! I am ALWAYS blown away by Kara's party styling. And I am simply IN LOVE with the Cupcake Liner Pom Poms!!

Lucky for everyone she posted the tutorial here, as well as several other tutorials so you can replicate her fabulous holiday table. I know I will definitely be breaking out my glue gun in the near future for these!!!


  1. so many hugs! Thanks for your kind words! that bunting made me squeal too!!! ...and you are right, I think I spend wayyyy too much time on the internet! Just too many talented people! hugs!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  2. I'm squealing that you're both squealing! lol Thanks for your excitement for the LOVE cake garland. Cheers to you!!