Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{Tips & Hints} Valentine Pinwheel Lollipop Tutorial

I thought it would be fun to show you how I made the cute Pinwheel Lollipops for my Be Mine, Valentine table.

For this you will need the following:

- 1 8" cookie stick
- 1 empty ribbon spool
- 2 pieces of scrapbook paper
- hot glue gun
- magic removable tape
- large heart punch
- Xacto knife

1. Carefully cut a "X" in the center of your spool with your Xacto knife

2. Insert your cookie stick into the hole in your spool and put your spool aside

3. Punch 6 hearts (3 out of each type of paper)

4. Arrange your hearts, alternating your papers and overlapping the hearts while lining them up point to point

5. Tape the circle of hearts into place using magic removable tape

6. Evenly place hot glue on one side of your spool

7. Center the circle of hearts over the spool and gentle settle it on your glue. Remove the tape.

8. Repeat steps 3-7 for the other side of the spool.

Tie on a cute ribbon and there you have it... Valentine Pinwheel Lollipops!!

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