Friday, February 25, 2011


Happy Friday!! Today I have a bit of a mixed bag for you...

Leprechaun Lovelies

This is a craft that I wanted to post about yesterday but it took an extra day to, well... to "develop". When I first saw this over on Yesterday on Tuesday, I knew I HAD to try it!! "Irish" Tulips what fun!!

For this you will need the following:

- White Tulips
- Vase with water
- Green Food Coloring

Add a health dose of food coloring to the water in your vase.

Add the tulips.

And in a couple days they begin to turn green! Perfect for St. Patrick's Day! 

(If only my mother had known about this trick. They would have looked smashing with the green orange juice she served at breakfast every St. Pat's morning!)

Creative Randomness

Yes, at our house, potty training has currently become something akin to a game show. We are now pooping for cash and prizes. Oh, what has my life become?! Desperation (and a strong-willed child) will take you places you NEVER thought you'd go!

(What do you think... would a printable poop chart be a big ticket item in the shop?? ...just joking!)


Have you seen this??

It's the Dog Bark Inn!! I stumbled across it while searching for pom pom pictures on google images. No idea why it popped up, but I'm in love. How cute is the outhouse??! I ADORE that it's a fire hydrant. Now that's creativity!

Sneak Peek

I have a FABULOUS party I am doing this weekend!! I can't wait to share pics with you. Here's the tiniest peek...

Can you guess the theme? 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. OMG-- I can't stop laughing at your pooping for a train chart! This is how we got my son motivated as well! I can completely relate!!! We promised him "Lady" train (Lady, the magic engine from Thomas the Magic Railroad), not knowing how hard she would be to find. We found 1 randomly at TJ Maxx and have never seen another Lady train since!

  2. Love the tulips and the sneak peek is intriguing!!

  3. Lovely...St. Patrick's Day tulips! And how great they'd look with green orange juice! Wish I'd thought of that!

  4. OK, so it's a pretty peek, but now WHAT'S THE THEME? I'm sooo curious!

  5. Just found your shop/blog and think it's wonderful. The pooping for cash and prizes comment had me laughing out loud. I am the manager for Loralee Lewis (etsy shop/blog and appreciate your work, you have a great eye and real talent, keep it up.