Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Setting A Tone With Your Backdrop

I LOVE statement backdrops. They not only help to set a tone and mood for your table, but they also are a relatively easy way (if you choose the right one) to help elevate the level of drama that your dessert table projects.

That's right, don't kid yourself into thinking that these dessert tables which everyone has been laboring over these days aren't mini productions. And, being such, there is no reason that they shouldn't reflect that.

Some tables are bright and fun and some are dramatic and theatrical. But they are all like precious little shadow boxes which strive to perfectly encapsulate the mood and feel of the party they are a reflection of.

Here are two of my absolute favorite backdrops from recent parties...

I ADORE this wintery scene for this Sugar Plum Fairy party...

You definitely feel as through the dancers are just about to take the stage!

And this beautiful, graphic take on Snow White just takes my breath away...

All of the important story points are addressed perfectly and without undue embellishment. The mirror, the apples and the woods. You can almost feel the witch's presence!


  1. Wow, you picked my 2 all time favorite backdrops ever! They really make you feel like you're in the "story"