Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Heavenly Blooms

We had a some crazy rain this weekend, but in between the drops we decided to go for a walk so as not to go completely stir crazy in the house. The breeze was cool and crisp and the sun only peaked out from behind the clouds every now and again as another wave of rain began to roll in. But, it was perfect weather for stroll and Dashell was excited to get out of the house and run around a bit.

On the other hand, Beckett my 3 month old, was not as excited. (Or maybe it was the fact that I had decided that Elmer Fudd was a good look for him!)

But, needless to say, he was a trooper (or more honestly, he passed out and enjoyed a nap) and we set off to take in the beautiful flowering trees that are just coming into bloom...

And this got me thinking about how fabulous it is when flowers are used in just the right way to punctuate a dessert table. 

Or to enhance a theme, like this arrangement for a lollipop inspired party...
(via HWTM)

Or these fabulous tulips for this ladybug table (I love that they are a callback to the ladybug shape as well as adding that perfect pop of color!)...

They can add that one extra special ingredient that just pushes it over the edge...
(via Amy Atlas)

...from fabulous to heavenly.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos of blossoms (and your precious sons too)! Makes me envious of your spring when ours will be long in coming.