Friday, June 17, 2011

Custom Printables - Taking A Little Of The Scary Out

I get contacted all the time to create custom printables for people. I love it! I adore working with people to bring their ideas to life. I do request that people purchase the item before I begin working on it and sometimes this is a little scary to people. They are not sure what they are purchasing and sometimes they are afraid that they will be stuck with something that they don't like. Just for the record, I would never do that. If we collaborate on something and you end up completely unhappy, I'll refund your money. Trust me. (I haven't had to do it yet, though.)

Collaborating on custom printables is a leap of faith for both me and you.  You have to trust that I can figure out what you see in your head and I have trust that you have an idea of what you would like and that you can help guide me, clearly, toward something that you will be very happy with.

That said, sometimes I've headed down one path with a client....

...and we've ended up somewhere else completely different.

This is fine. It happens and I enjoy the challenge!

And sometimes we go down a few paths as we zero in on where you would like to be...

Other times where we start... close to where we finish.

Also, good!

And sometimes what it takes to make it perfect is just a simple color adjustment...

But regardless, it is a collaboration. We work together, you and me, to arrive at that something special which you imagined and that will help to make your party extra fabulous!


  1. I have done custom printables through Gwynn several times and trust me she is AMAZING!!! She is really quick to respond with changes and won't give up till she "gets" it! She also designed my logo and blog header! She is a very talented designer and blogger!

  2. Just a look through your sample printables above...and any customer can surely trust you to create their dream invite!

  3. Your creativity is amazing! So many options & ideas & possibilities! We should have come to you for my 50th high school reunion celebration. Next time, we will!

    Admirer from Garwood, New Jersey

  4. Love this post, so fun to see the creative process in action. Hope we get to collaborate sometime soon!

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