Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's Do Some Team Work!

You see that beautiful child? That's Greyson. The wonderful son of the delightful and fabulously talented Brittany of GreyGrey Designs...

And they need our help. Just a little... but a little would mean a lot.

Hang with me here for a moment... I know this is a lot of words and not enough pretty pictures but I promise I won't ramble on too long.

When I was 30 weeks pregnant with my first son, Dashell, he was diagnosed with Femoral Focal Hypoplasia with Unusual Facies Syndrome. (It's not a pretty syndrome. Then, of course, not many are. Take a moment and google it if you want.) We were shocked and devastated. We went for second opinions and prenatal MRI's but no one could tell us conclusively what we were going to face once he was born. The doctors recommended having a neonatologist at the birth in case his jaw was so short that he began to choke on his tongue. And only after he was born did we find out that in the end all those specialists were wrong (or maybe just all our prayers were answered)... and he was perfect in every way. We were lucky. And every single day I look at him and know that our lives could be so very, very different.

Now think about this...

What if you were pregnant and it went off without a hitch. And you had a beautiful baby and he was perfect in every way and then, suddenly, at 2 months it all started to go awry. This is Brittany's story and she tells it best so please click here and read it in her own words.

And when you're finished...

...gaze across the room or in the backyard or at a picture of your beautiful bundles of joy. Give them a hug and count your blessings. Every single one of them!

And then let's "do some team work!!" as my son says. Rummage around in the bottom of your purse or in the cup holder of your car and see if you have a couple bucks you forgot about that you can contribute to helping these kids. It only takes a few minutes. (I did it last night and it took only 2, so I'm speaking from experience.) I know it would mean more than you can imagine!

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  1. Thank you so much Gwynn. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you not only donated, but took time to share this on your blog. You are truly a fantastic human being. I am so glad that your son is doing so well! :) All my love!