Monday, June 13, 2011

Invitations - Custom Postage!!

Did you know that you can create custom stamps to add that special touch to your party invitations?? Well, you can!! Just look at what you can do. Here is an example of a two-sided invitation which I collaborated on with my dear customer Monique for her beautiful daughter's third birthday...



I then created this artwork to be printed on the envelopes...

And Monique had these adorable stamps made to add the finishing touch to their invitations...

How cool is that??!! I'm sure the whole presentation definitely made her guest feel as though they were being invited to an Event, with a capital "E"!

And it's super easy! The post office gives you multiple options for creating personalized postage. You can add graphics or even pictures!!

So don't miss a single trick next time you want to make your event extra personal!

(The invitation pictured is available in the shop as part of our Vintage Elephant Circus Collection.)

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