Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{New In The Shop} Be Mine, Valentine! Collection

Recently, I had a shoot for my "Be Mine, Valentine!" printables collection. When I styled the table, I wanted it to be reminiscent of the crafty Valentine's Days of my childhood. As I've mentioned before my mother is a very crafty woman and we always made all our party invitations,  May Day baskets (does anyone still deliver these any more??), decorations, etc. with heaps of construction paper, glitter, scissors and glue. To me, Valentine's Day has always meant "make-it-yourself." (Maybe it was my mother's way of rebelling against the greeting card aspect of it.) And, I wanted capture that feeling, more so than a simple elegance, with this collection.

I created the collection around three primary paper designs that I came up with. And I used those papers, along with some coordinating scrapbooking paper, to create the heart strings (that's a bad play on words, sorry) backdrop...

 the lollipop pinwheels...

 the Be Mine heart-flower centerpiece...

 and the cake bunting...

For favors, I found the cutest little mailboxes at Michael's and I designed candy bar wrappers to look like envelopes!

And one of the best parts of this table?? 

I did it all for under $80!!  And that's with purchasing all the baked goods. (I know, I know some people get their "bake" on a little sooner after childbirth. But, alas, not me. It coming... but probably not for another month or two.)

In this collection you get SO MUCH fun stuff...

- 1 Fill-In Invitation Design 
- 4 two inch Party Circle Designs for cupcakes, napkin wraps, decorative tags and much more!
- 4 Water Bottle Wrap Designs
- 3 Table Label designs
- 2 Favor Tag designs
- 4 Mini Candy Bar Wrap designs
- 2 Large Candy Bar Wrap designs
- 1 "Be Mine, Valentine" Banner
- 3 Decorative Paper Designs

What fun craftiness are you all up to this holiday? I'd love hear and be inspired!!! 

If you have a fun holiday project going on on your blog this month, please leave a link in the comment section so we can all check it out.